B Honey Farms

About Us

Since 1978, the hives that produce B Honey have been feeding/nurturing the family of Solomie G.Wasse, the founder.

Solomie’s mother is a passionate gardener who also kept beehives as a hobby. When Solomie returned to Addis Ababa in 2012, after 16 years of living in Canada, she realized that her mother’s honey was among the finest produced in Ethiopia, which is known for its quality honey all over the world.

With a view to share her mother’s passion with more people, Solomie founded B. Honey—named after her mother, Bajeba—to provide the market with pure, unprocessed honey. To add a fun twist and introduce new ideas to the market, Solomie also began infusing her honey: first with ginger, and now orange and chili.  With each new infusion, more ideas are born and will soon be available.

Our goal is to ensure your family enjoys B Honey as much as we have for the last 30 plus years!